With its extensive and long-standing experience in the field of Technical Surveillance of High-risk Equipment, the company KEY DIFFUSION LTD. has established itself as a leading company in the area of technical surveillance, conformity assessment, non-destructive and destructive testing and control in Bulgaria.


KEY DIFFUSION LTD is a major company in the country and on the Balkans offering a wide range of services in the field of power engineering, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, gas transmission network, transport and other branches of industry.


KEY DIFFUSION LTD is a licensed and notified body with identification number NB 2574, with a scope, in accordance with the published in NANDO European Register, namely – performing conformity assessment, exceptional checks, intermediate inspections, periodic inspections, reassessment of conformity of transportable pressure equipment for substances of class 2 (with the exception of acetylene), of the following types:

-          Cylinders, tubes, pressure drums;

-          Closed cryogenic receptacles;

-          Cylinder racks/bundles (batteries/sections and batteries/tubes);

-          Battery vehicles;

-          Containers of type MEGC;

-          Tanks;

-           and their components (valves) for transporting substances of class 2 according to  ADR/RID/ADN with the exception of those for acetylene.


KEY DIFFUSION LTD is accredited control body of type A for transportable pressure equipment pursuant to the requirements and provisions of BDS ЕN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for which purpose it has been issued a certificate for accreditation by EA BAS with reg. № 265 OKA


KEY DIFFUSION LTD holds licenses № 351 of 07.05.2007 and № 422 of 21.09.2007, issued by the STATE AGENCY FOR METROLOGICAL AND TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE (SAMTS) for the performance of technical surveillance for the following types of High-risk equipment:

1. Stationary mounted cylinders for storage of liquefied, compressed or dissolved under pressure gases.

2. Gas pipelines, gas installations, gas-regulating units, fuel installations, cylinder installations, gas appliances and other gas equipment in administrative, residential and public buildings and sites. 


The company has successfully inculcated and implements a management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, БДС EN ISO 14001:2005 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 which guarantees a high quality services, meeting the customers’ requirements and expectations and being in compliance with the applicable normative documents.


KEY DIFFUSION LTD has at its disposal a highly qualified personnel and a complete range of high tech devices and equipment in order to meet the requirements of the European Directives and the harmonized to them European Standards.


In the course of time, KEY DIFFUSION LTD has proven its competent and professional solutions to non-standard situations, a guaranteed high quality in performing inspections and reporting the results thereof.






Control authority type A
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